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NFC is the area’s exclusive processor of the patented Inno-Lok™ pre-zippered film and bagging products. Inno-Lok™ provides a cost-effective solution for manufacturers and packagers seeking to offer a product in re-sealable packaging while using their standard form fill and seal equipment.


The patented Inno-Lok™ system eliminates the complexities and prohibitive expense for packers to acquire specialized in-line or other zipper bagging equipment. Running at the same speed and efficiency as standard roll-stock, Inno-Lok™ pre-zippered film also greatly reduces production time by a minimum 15%, when compared to any other re-sealable bagging systems. Inno-Lok films are ideal for both vertical and horizontal forming tube assemblies.


Another innovation of the Inno-Lok™ system is that it allows zippers to be custom-sized to fit the product rather than running across the entire bag or pouch. This custom-sizing process is known to reduce excess zipper material by as much as 50%.


NFC is pleased to offer Inno-Lok’s full range of zipper profiles on our complete product line, including roll stock film, poly bags, stand-up bags, pouches, and our entire coextruded hi-barrier line.


Inno-Lok™ is a registered trademark of Innoflex Technologies.

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