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Want to set your product apart from the competition?

Lamination films offer superior gloss, film stiffness and ink protection as well as enhanced loading speeds and puncture resistance for your retail and institutional products. Widely used for packaging food items like frozen foods, fresh produce, microwaveable and dried food items. Other applications include landscape and consumer products. Laminated films offer benefits for those who want their products to stand out. Packaging Personified offers a wide variety of custom lamination films specific to your application and loading process.

National Film Converting is committed to manufacturing high-quality products all while being conscious of the environment. Solventless lamination allows us to manufacture quality products while generating little or no exhaust, making it essential to our business’ stance of reducing our impact on the environment.

With the variety of applications, see why National Film Converting lamination films deliver quality and service at competitive prices.


  • Layered materials create a stronger and wear-resistant barrier

  • Top-layer of film is made of materials that are easily printed for advertising the product

  • Seal-ability with chosen materials

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Custom extruded blends to support seal strength and promote loading efficiency

  • Sealant layer lay flat consistency reduces the risks of delamination and provides a consistent gauge seal surface to enhance seal strength

  • Solventless Adhesives Intended to reduce the presence of V.O.C.’s

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