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Who do we serve?  In a word...


Commercial and Artisanal Bakeries

The hero with a thousand faces...  The famous Joseph Campbell book describes the Hero's journey that is the common theme through all of the iconic tales we know so well.  That hero always needs to seek help and wisdom along the journey in order to reach their goals.


At NFC, we consider YOU, our customer to be our hero, and it is our mission to equip your products with the packaging and expertise to complete your own hero's journey.  Let us be the Yoda to your Luke Skywalker

Apple Bags
Apple Packers
Snack Foods
Produce Packers
Craft Industry


I needed a whole new design for my packaging and Walmart wanted it on the shelf in 10 days.  NFC delivered.  

- Pat, Operations Manager

 It has become more and more difficult to work with some of the large bag manufacturers and I need a company that will be able to be more flexible on producing new art and at reasonable lead times.

- Bill, Plant Manager

I was unsure about  switching some packaging to a stand up pouch.  NFC guided me through the process, and now I've added 3 more SKU's

- Neil, Product Manager

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