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3 Ways You Can Increase Productivity with Wicketed Bread Bags

Flat bags are exactly as they sound: these bags that lie flat when they are not in use. They're typically made from two layers of thin plastic sheeting (usually Low-Density Polyethylene, also known as LDPE), and sealed together at two of the seams. When you want to use the bag, you simply slip your product into it and the open end can be tied shut, stapled, bind or heat-sealed.

Wicketed bakery bags are identical to flat bags in that they lie flat when they are not in use, but have an extra 'wicket' at the bottom and at each side that opens up when you place an item inside. These wickets mean that the volume of the bag is increased significantly when used to hold an item.

If you own a bakery or a company that produces bread-based products, but you currently use flat bags, then switching to wicketed bags might be a beneficial idea! Here are a few reasons why:

1. Wicketed Bags are More Versatile

No doubt many of the products your bakery produces are suitable for flat packing – but are all of them? Do you have to have one supply of bags for flat packed items and another for bulkier items? You shouldn’t be using the same packaging for individual cookies or tarts as you are bagels!

If you make the switch to wicketed bags, you'll find that they are a superb, all around performer. The range of products that can be placed into wicketed bags is far greater than the number of different products that can be placed into flat bags.

Plus, there's always the temptation to force items into flat bags that really need to go into wicketed or larger bags. Food items do not look particularly appealing when they are shoved into a bag as tightly as they will fit. Plus, plastic resin sheeting that is under strain is far more likely to tear than plastic that is not. Your consumers will not be impressed if they get your product home and find a torn bag – they could end up with an inedible product and a shopping bag full of crumbs!

2. Wicketed Bags Speed Up Production

When it comes to a busy bakery environment (or any busy working environment for that matter), wicketed bags are simply easier and more practical to use. We're sure you've experienced the pain of trying to open a flat plastic bag on more than one occasion – well, you simply will not have that problem with wicketed bags because a) they usually come assembled on a spindle and have a perforated opening that opens naturally when a bag is torn from the spindle and b) the gussets at the sides and the bottom of the bag simply make them easier to open and use.

In fact, several machines exist on the market that can be loaded with wicketed bags to automate your entire production process. Both industrial and traditional bakeries now use automated packaging machines, as they ease the packaging process considerably – leaving bakers and other employees the time to deal with more profitable tasks, such as baking bread and other bakery products.

3. Wicketed Bags Increase Freshness

It's always important to add value to your customer's purchases, and using the proper packaging is one of the best ways to add value in the form of hygiene. Wicketed bags expand to create an efficient seal for the products they contain – meaning they stay fresher, longer.

Lots of people are of the opinion that to keep bakery products fresher, longer, you need to keep these items in the refrigerator. However, the chilled atmosphere of a refrigerator actually causes bread and bakery products to go stale more quickly. This is because the starch in bread turns back into crystals when cooled, making the bread go stale. People think that it's a loss of moisture that makes bread go stale (which is why they believe keeping bread in the refrigerator prevents moisture-loss) but that's only a small contribution to the process. It's the recrystallization of starch that is the main issue.

The best way for your consumers to keep their bread and bread products fresh is to keep them at room temperature, sealed in their original wrappers. If you provide wicketed bags for the continued storage of the products you supply, then you will be adding value to your products.

Clear Wicketed Bread and Bakery Bags supplied by National Film Converting

At National Film Converting, we can supply you with a wide range of flexible wicketed bread and bakery bags in various sizes. All our bags are made from LDPE resin that has been declared food-safe by the FDA and USDA. Because of this, our products can be used to hold all types of bread and bakery products, including tortillas, desserts, and snacks. The gussets in our bags allow them to be well suited for objects of all shapes and sizes.

If you're not in the bread industry, it doesn't mean our products are not suitable for your business. Their versatility means they can be easily used to hold jewelry, hand-made gifts and other small items that are not easily damaged.

We supply our bags in volumes of 250 on a five-inch heavy wire wicket to make them even more convenient to use. They are even suitable for use in automatic bagging machines. Once filled with an item, a bag can be heat-sealed, tied, stapled or taped to help preserve that all-important freshness.

If you would like to speak to us about our services, we would be happy to talk with you over the phone or via email. You can contact us whenever it's convenient for you! We're always happy to hear from potential new clients, and we hope that soon we'll to able to add you to our long list of very satisfied customers.

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